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2016 Louisiana Tournaments . . .


Qualifying tournaments in Louisiana will be held on Saturday, Nov. 12th and 19th, 2016.  Teams may apply to participate in ONE qualifying tournament.  The number and location of qualifiers are determined once national registration is closed by the end of September or when field sets run out (whichever is first).  The LA State Championship will be held on Saturday, December 10th, at Holy Cross High School in New Orleans and is open to 60 teams who have advanced from a sanctioned LA FLL Qualifying Tournament.


Qualifying Tournament

Locations  & Dates

Required Team Documents


(check to see where your team is competing)

Tournament Fees and Payment

What should a team bring

to a tournament?

Qualifying Tournament Fee Payment

Team Advancement Process

(from Qualfier to Championship)



*Online Registration Link (available Nov.12th-22nd)



We plan to have enough qualifying tournament spots to acomodate every nationally registered team from Louisiana.  Information will be posted as tournaments are confirmed.


LA FIRST LEGO League Qualifying Tournaments


Geographic Area


Sat, Nov. 12

Baton Rouge

Woodlawn High School, Baton Rouge

Sat, Nov. 12
Baton Rouge
Scotlandville Middle Pre-Engineering Magnet Academy, Baton Rouge

Sat, Nov. 12


Comeaux High School, Lafayette

Sat, Nov. 19
Lake Charles
F.K. White Middle School, Lake Charles

Sat, Nov. 12

North shore of Lake Pont.

Fontainebleau/Slidell High School, Mandeville

Sat, Nov. 12

North shore of Lake Pont.

Northshore High School, Slidell

Sat, Nov. 12

South shore of Lake Pont.

Academy of Our Lady, Marerro (westbank N.O.)

Sat, Nov. 19

South shore of Lake Pont.

Destrehan High School, Destrehan

Sat, Nov. 19

South shore of Lake Pont.

Dominican High Schools, New Orleans

Sat, Nov. 12 South shore of Lake Pont.
Ben Franklin High School and SPAWAR, at Ben Franklin



Maps of 2016 LA FLL Qualifying Tournaments - click to see map

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Registration for Louisiana FIRST LEGO League Qualifying Tournaments opens Thursday Oct. 1st at 6am and closes October 15th, 11pm. 



The FIRST tournament registration system is experiencing issues, so we are using an alternative method for registering teams – see above link. When you register for a tournament, you are “applying” to that tournament.  You will be “accepted/assigned” to that tournament on a first-come-first-served basis if your national registration is paid.  “Paid” is defined as FIRST having received a credit card payment, check, or a P.O. (receipt of money from a P.O. is not required for PAID status, but the P.O. must have been approved by FIRST – takes a few days).  And first-come-first-served is only if you are applying for a tournament in your geographic region (see below).  If you are applying for a tournament outside of your geographic region, assignment is dependent upon available space. The Louisiana tournament registration deadline is October 15th, but don’t delay, as some tournaments fill up fast.  The current paid teams are shown at http://lafll.org/CurrentTeams.htm .  Tournament “assignments” (acceptance into a tournament) will be shown at http://lafll.org/Tournaments.htm.


PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR $30 CHECK TO A TOURNAMENT HOST UNTIL YOU ARE OFFICIALLY ACCEPTED INTO THAT TOURNAMENT. We are in the process of completing the table below identifying to whom and where checks are to be sent.


REQUIRED TEAM DOCUMENTS (bring with you to the tournament)

  • Consent/Release Forms  If your team members have registered online on the Student Team Member Information System (STIMS) and had their parents complete the form online (FIRST is strongly encouraging the online route and has sent emails to all registered teams explaining), then coaches simply need to print out your Team Roster from your Team Dashboard.  It will show which students are on your team and which have completed the form.  If team members have NOT registered and completed the form online, they must provide a signed paper Consent/Release form at each event.  If your team advances to the LA State Championship, the LA FLL Planning Committee will likely require team members to register online and will require the official Team Roster, as this is what FIRST is asking us to do. 
  • Team Information Sheet - fillable pdf or docx (also known as Team Introduction or Team Profile sheet).  Bring 4 copies - one for registration and one for each of the judging sessions (robot design, project, and core values).
  • Core Values POSTER - (REQUIRED AT THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AT THE QUALIFIERS) - You must provide this to be eligible for the Core Values award at the Championship. And although not required at the Qualifiers, it can impact the judges' decisions, as it provides valuable information to assist in the Core Values judging process. 

  • Robot Design Executive Summary (SUGGESTED to help teams prepare, BUT NOT REQUIRED TO TURN IN TO JUDGES) not only conveys important information to the judges, but helps the team organize ahead of time what they believe is important information.


  • Team Roster showing status of Consent and Release signatures, and paper copies for any team member that has not completed it online (REQUIRED)
  • Team introduction page (REQUIRED)
  • Anything needed for your Project Presentation (props/costumes/etc.)
  • Robot Design Executive Summary (suggested, but not required)
  • Robot and attachments
  • Parts kit (extra parts for repairs/adjustments)
  • Print out of mission programs (helpful to give to the judges)
  • Materials, props, and equipment needed for Project presentation
  • Laptop computer with batteries and/or AC adaptor, extra batteries, extension cords
  • Team scrapbook
  • Team banner, posters, or other decorations for pit space
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Storage box for personal items
  • USB cable
  • Fun, inexpensive items to share with other teams (pins, hats, personalized team playing cards). This practice is a fun way for teams to get to know each other.  Handmade items that reflect your team or organization (school, troop, etc.) are also great.



Team selection for advancement to the LA State Championship is determined by the “FIRST Champions Award Criteria”, which is an overall ranking based on team performance in all 3 judging sessions (Core Values, Project, Robot Design) plus performance on the field – see FIRST Judging FAQ.  The intent is to have 12-team qualifiers, but sometimes the numbers vary, so advancement is based on a percentage that will be determined from the number of teams we have in Louisiana after national registration is closed.  60 teams will be invited to the LA State Championship.  If your team is invited to advance, you MUST register by Nov. 21st at the online link which will be posted on this website.  After that date, open slots will be offered to teams on the waiting list.


Number of teams who will be invited to advance from each 2016 FLL Qualifying Tournament:

will be determined after qualifying tournament registration closes on Oct. 15th

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2016 TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION, FEES AND PAYMENT - all tournaments have a $30 local registration fee

Registration for qualifying tournaments will open October 1st through 15th. Teams will be asked to identify their first and second choice for a qualifying tournament, and preference will be given to geographical proximity.  Every attempt will be made to give a team their first choice, but the main priority is to assure that all teams who wish to compete have a spot in a tournament.  When you receive confirmation of which qualifier you are accepted into (you can check the TOURNAMENT ASSIGNMENTS below), please go to TOURNAMENT FEE PAYMENT INFORMATION at the bottom of this page for information regarding whom to pay and where to send a $30 check.  It is payable directly to the host organization, so instructions for each qualifier will be different.

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2016 TOURNAMENT ASSIGNMENTS - by team number

TeamNumber TeamName Organization Tournament Assignment
647 Tiger Techs Florida Avenue Elementary Northshore
724 The Bee's Knees St. George's Episcopal School Dominican
959 Red Devil Lego League Pickering Elementary School FK White
1295 Haynes Academy RoboJackets Haynes Academy Academy of Our Lady
1403 GSLE Baton Rouge Girl Scouts Louisiana East Destrehan
1404 GSLE Houma Busy Bee Clinic Destrehan
1406 Team Smarties Girl Scouts Northshore
1407 Zoo Crew Girl Scouts Louisiana East Destrehan
1408 Botgurlz Girl Scouts Louisiana East Destrehan
1409 GSLE Luling Girl Scouts LA East - Luling Destrehan
1429 Berchmans Saints Berchmans Academy of the Sacred Heart Comeaux
1550 RoboPanthers St Paul's Episcopal School Dominican
1620 CPAMST Concordia Parish Academy of Math, Science and Technology Woodlawn
2522 Green Giants Samuel J. Green Dominican
2523 RoboPelicans Morris Jeff Community School Ben Franklin
2583 St. Dominic School St. Dominic School Ben Franklin
2881 Tigerfire Slidell Jr. High School Fontainebleau
3577 JMS Droids Judice Middle School Comeaux
3732 Team Phoenix University of Louisiana at Lafayette Comeaux
3960 TechnoKnight Episcopal School of Baton Rouge Woodlawn
4043 Bayou Builders Louisiana Children's Discovery Center Fontainebleau
4071 Steel Eagles Holy Savior Menard Comeaux
4249 Warrior Robots St. Theresa of Avila Woodlawn
4731 St Clement of Rome Robotics St Clement of Rome School Destrehan
4914 Mighty Marlin Mechanics Monteleone junior high Fontainebleau
5050 Gatorbytes Creekside Jr High Northshore
5424 Delta Storm Delta Charter School Woodlawn
5598 SPES RoboCougars St. Pius Elementary School FK White
5643 Prowling Panthers Fifth Ward Elementary School Destrehan
6198 Lego Leaders Ecole Bilingue de la Nouvelle-Orleans Dominican
6801 Tigerbots The Dunham School Woodlawn
7101 RoboHawks Louise S. McGehee School Dominican
7141 Metairie Academy Mustangs Metairie Academy for Advanced Studies Ben Franklin
7394 Isidore Newman Lower School Isidore Newman School Ben Franklin
7547 Rob McEagleton and Friends Madisonville Junior High Fontainebleau
7586 RoboRaiders Leblanc Middle School FK White
7723 Tiger Robotics R K Smith Middle School Dominican
7776 Wheatley Maker Hub++Robotics Club Phillis Wheatley Community School Ben Franklin
7950 WW Lewis A WW Lewis Middle FK White
7951 WW Lewis B WW Lewis Middle School FK White
8180 Isidore Newman Middle School Isidore Newman School Dominican
8218 Fatima Warriors 1 Our Lady of Fatima Comeaux
8222 Fatima Warriors 2 Our Lady of Fatima Comeaux
8505 Titanium Owls LHMS Fontainebleau
8788 Green Tigers Westdale Heights Academic Magnet Woodlawn
9030 CoolCrafters LHMS Fontainebleau
9289 NV MathBots North Vermilion Middle School Comeaux
9432 Rajun Cajuns Northshore Home Educators Fontainebleau
10055 BRIS Falcons - Team Wheatley Baton Rouge International School Scotlandville
10114 West St. John Elementary Techno Bots STEM Club Destrehan
10141 Woodlawn Warriors Woodlawn Middle School / Robotic Team Woodlawn
10142 The Panther Pack Woodlawn Middle School / Robotic Team Woodlawn
10256 CBS Robotics Christian Brothers School Dominican
11823 KST Tigers Kenilworth Science and Technology School Scotlandville
11875 Dutchtown Eaglebots Dutchtown Middle School Scotlandville
16768 JBM Robotics JB Martin Middle School Destrehan
17167 Mechani-Cool Crawfish Cedarwood School Fontainebleau
17374 Techno Cardinals Sixth Ward Elementary 4th Grade Northshore
17378 Rovin Raiders Park Forest Middle School Woodlawn
18381 NV Science Bots North Vermilion Middle School Comeaux
18386 Patrick Taylor Tigers Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy Academy of Our Lady
19007 BetaBots Prairieville Middle School Scotlandville
19015 BetaDroids Prairieville Middle School Scotlandville
19088 Robobucks Lakeside Primary School Woodlawn
19225 Mighty Marrero Mudbugs Marrero Academy for Advanced Studies Academy of Our Lady
19420 St. Andrew's Episcopal School St. Andrew's Episcopal School Ben Franklin
19533 Westside Whirlbots Hammond Westside Montessori Fontainebleau
19544 RoboCardinals Sixth Ward Elementary 5th Grade Northshore
19651 Evangel Eagle Engineers Evangel Christian Academy Comeaux
19905 Cyber Seagulls Mandeville Middle School Fontainebleau
20204 Pirate Programmers St John Elementary FK White
20260 Maplewood Robotics Maplewood Middle School FK White
20319 Robotic Owls Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy Dominican
20441 Arnett robotics S.p.arnett middle school FK White
20683 SJ Welsh Robotics SJ Welsh Middle School FK White
20775 Holy Family Bears  Holy Family School Scotlandville
21146 Oak Grove Primary Exploding Bluejays Oak Grove Primary Woodlawn
21237 BRIS Falcons - Team GLaDOS Baton Rouge International School Woodlawn
21343 Capitol Middle Cougars Green Capitol Middle Magnet School Scotlandville
22492 BREAUXBOT Paul Breaux Middle School Comeaux
22537 Holy Family Bears 2 Holy Family School Scotlandville
22538 Holy Family Bears 3 Holy Family School Scotlandville
23185 Team Atom Acadiana Renaissance Charter Academy Comeaux
23188 Eagles 3 Acadiana Renaissance Charter Academy  Comeaux
23279 Fifth Ward Falcons Fifth Ward Junior High School Fontainebleau
23645 I.C.E. (Immaculate Conception Engineers) Immaculate Conception Academy of Our Lady
23778 St Ignatius Robotics St. Ignatiu School Robotics Club Comeaux
23835 ROARBotics Highland Baptist Christian School Comeaux
23849 LES Roaring Robotics Leonville Elementary Comeaux
24221 GSLE GALS GSLE Destrehan
24222 GSLE Norco Girl scouts Ben Franklin
24223 GSLE Terrebonne-Beast Botz Girl Scouts Academy of Our Lady
24225 Bionic Builders Girl Scouts Dominican
24408   Trafton Academy Fontainebleau
24540 Louisiana School for the Deaf Louisiana School for the Deaf Scotlandville
24585 Electric Eagles Carolyn Park Middle School Northshore
24759 Boyet Robotics Boyet Jr High Robotics Team Northshore
24992 Wolverines F.K. White Middle School FK White
24994 Jesuit High School Jesuit High School Ben Franklin
25002 TechnoCajuns Metairie Park Country Day School Dominican
25014 Good Shepherd School Robotics The Good Shepherd School Dominican
25379 SaintBots St .Michael School Comeaux
25392 Ascension Blue Gators Ascension Episcopal School Comeaux
25657 Cyber Crocs Slidell Family Homeschoolers Dominican
25971 Wildcats St Tammany Jr High Northshore
26275 Hurst Gold Team Harry Hurst Middle School Destrehan
26595 Knights Lafayette Christian Academy Comeaux
26694 ACM Robotics Albert Cammon Middle School Destrehan
26716 RAMS St. Angela Merici School Dominican
26843 The Olympians Einstein Charter School Ben Franklin
27262 St. Luke's Sharks St. Luke's Episcopal Day School Woodlawn
27431 Napoleonville Eagles Napoleonville Middle School Destrehan
27529 Red Panthers Immaculate Conception Cathedral School Comeaux
27530 White Panthers Immaculate Conception Cathedral School Comeaux
27747 St. Matthew the Apostle St. Matthew the Apostle School Ben Franklin
27899 Ollie-Nators Our Lady of the Lake  Fontainebleau
28879 Hurst Green Team Harry Hurst Middle School Destrehan
28880 Holy Family Bears 4 Holy Family School Scotlandville
28910 Runnels Robotics Club The Runnels School Woodlawn
29302 Cyber Bears Benjamin Franklin Elementary Science & Mathematics School Ben Franklin
29339 Garyville Terminators Garyville Magnet STEM Club Ben Franklin


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Please confirm your tournament placement above and remit your $30 tournament fee to the appropriate tournament host below:

(Please DO NOT remit any payment until your tournament assignment has been made).

Tournament Make $30 check payable to: Mail to:
Academy of Our Lady Academy of Our Lady Attn: Robotics, Academy of Our Lady, 5501 Westbank Expy, Marrero, LA 70072
Ben Franklin High School /SPAWAR Ben Franklin Robotics  Attn: Theresa Burchette, Ben Franklin High School, 2001 Leon C. Simon Dr. New Orleans, La. 70122
Comeaux Comeaux High School Attn: Lisa Ranney, Comeaux High School, 100 W Bluebird Dr, Lafayette, LA ‎70508 
Destrehan Destrehan High Wildcat Robotics Attn: Brian Young, Destrehan High School, 1 Wildcat Lane, Destrehan, LA 70047
Dominican High School St. Mary’s Dominican High School Attn: Crissy Giacona, St. Mary’s Dominican High School 7701 Walmsley Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70125
FK White Middle School, Lake Charles F.K. White Robotics Club Attn: Michael Duff, F.K.White Middle School, 1000 E McNeese St, Lake Charles LA, 70607
Fontainebleau Fontainbleau High School Attn: Tracy Hoffman,  Fontainebleau High School, 100 Bulldog Dr, Mandeville, LA ‎70471
Northshore Team 1912 Robotics Club Team 1912 Robotics Club, Northshore High School, 100 Panther Dr, Slidell, LA 70461
Scotlandville Scotlandville Middle Pre-Engineering Magnet Attn: Ingrid Cruz, Scotlandville Middle Pre-Engineering Magnet, 9147 Elm Grove Garden Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70807
Woodlawn Woodlawn High School Attn: Daniel Eiland, Woodlawn High School, 15755 Jefferson Hwy, Baton Rouge, LA 70817



If you have questions about your specific event, please feel free to contact the tournament director below:


Tournament FIRST Team Tournament Director Email Address
Academy of Our Lady, New Orleans    Amy Morriss amymorriss@gmail.com
Comeaux High School, Lafayette FRC Team 3616 Lisa Ranney lranney2@cox.net
Destrehan High School, Destrehan  FRC Team 3039 Brian Young byoung@stcharles.k12.la.us
Fontainebleau High School, Mandeville FRC Team 2221 Tracy Hoffman Tracy.Hoffman@stpsb.org
  FRC Team 3946 Jesse Hobson jwhobsonasa@gmail.com
McNeese State University, Lake Charles    Zhuang (John) Li zli@mcneese.edu
Newman / Dominican High Schools   Oskie Creech OscarCreech@newmanschool.org
  FTC Team 9637 Crissy Giacona cgiacona@stmarysdominican.org
Northshore High School, Slidell FRC Team 1912 Allen Sorrell allen.l.sorrell@nasa.gov
    Clark Rowley  c_rowley@bellsouth.net
Sci-Port, Shreveport    Lou Papai lpapai@sciport.org
Scotlandville Middle Pre-Engineering Magnet Academy, Baton Rouge FTC Team Ingrid Cruz  ingridjomento@gmail.com
    Kashundra Nedie kstewart1@ebrschools.org
SPAWAR at UNO   Andrew Simmons andrew.simmons@navy.mil
UL Lafayette   Doug Williams doug.williams.ul@gmail.com
Woodlawn High School, Baton Rouge FRC Team 3337 Daniel Eiland deiland@ebrpss.k12.la.us