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How Do I Join A Team?  


We cannot place children on FLL or Jr.FLL teams, nor can we share coach contact information due to privacy regulations. Having said that, there are some things that you can do:

  • Contact your child's school or scout troup to see if they have a team or might be interested in forming a team.  You can first check our Current Team page to see if your child's school or scout troup is listed.
  • Local 4-H clubs might be interested in forming a team, too.
  • You could join the FIRST Team UP! social networking website to see if you could join an established team.
  • You can educate yourself about FIRST LEGO League and Junior FIRST LEGO League and how to start a team by visiting the U.S. FIRST website.
  • Become a coach and make many children VERY happy!

The good news? We have hundreds of kids who would love to be on a FLL or a Jr.FLL team!
The bad news? We don’t have enough coaches who are willing to step up to coach.
The better news? If you are willing to become a coach, we would be happy to talk wtih you about Getting Started. And don't forget the Rookie Fast-Starts scheduled every September for coaches and teams!