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Press & Public Relations
This page will provide downloads for teams, Press coverage, Press packages, and Public Relations information for Louisiana FIRST LEGO League

00 Dear Coaches
2008-00 Dear Team Coaches.pdf Introductory Letter for Coaches
Download 2008-00 Dear Team Coaches.doc
01 Sponsors
2008-01 Sponsors.doc Provides a convenient presentation of 2008 FLL supporters
Download 2008-01 Sponsors.doc
02 Release Form
2008-02 ConsentandReleaseForm2.pdf Mandatory Consent and Rlease form for every participant - Coach, Mentor, Student, or Volunteer. Must be brought to registration tournament day
Download 2008-02 ConsentandReleaseForm2.pdf
03 Tournament Rules
2008-03 Tournament_Rules_and_Procedures.doc 2008 Tournament Rules
Download 2008-03 Tournament_Rules_and_Procedures.doc
04 Map
2008-04 Map.doc Map of Meisler and surrounding area
Download 2008-04 Map.doc
05 Team List
2008-05 TeamList_2008_V1 0 2.xls List of teams competing in the 2008 Lousiana State Tournament
Download 2008-05 TeamList_2008_V1 0 2.xls
06A Tournament Schedule
2008-06A Schedule_V1.0.1.doc The overall schedule for the day. There are separate schedules for Judging and Challenge matches.
Download 2008-06A Schedule_V1.0.1.doc
06B Judging Schedule
2008-06B Schedule_Judging_V1.0.1.doc Judging of Design, Research, and Teamwork
Download 2008-06B Schedule_Judging_V1.0.1.doc
06C Challenge Schedule
2008-06C Schedule_Challenge.xls Robot performance competition on the mat - 3 rounds
Download 2008-06C Schedule_Challenge.xls
07 Team Introduction
2008-07 Team_Introduction_Page.doc Introduces the team members to the Judges Provide 1 copy to each Judging team as the FLL team enters.
Download 2008-07 Team_Introduction_Page.doc
08 Team Profile
2008-08 Team Profile.pdf Alternate form of Team Introduction. Choose either the 07 or the 08, no need to provide both.
Download 2008-08 Team Profile.pdf
09 Judge Notification
2008-09 Judge_Notification.doc This form is to be used for teams to inform the Head Referee or Judge Advisor of any questions or comments that a team may have during the tournament.
Download 2008-09 Judge_Notification.doc
10 Awards
2008-10 AwardsDefinition.1.doc Describes the various awards available at the 2008 Louisiana State FLL/jFLL tournament.
Download 2008-10 AwardsDefinition.1.doc
2008 FLL Presentation
Download 2008 FLL in La.1.ppt
2008 FLL Presentation Video
Place on desktop
Download Flying-Geeks-400-Round-Three.mov
2007 FIRST, FLL, and BLaST Overview
An overview of FIRST, FIRST LEGO League, and Building Louisiana Science and Technology (BLaST)
Download 2007 FLL in New Orleans.4.doc
2002 FLL and Educational Standards

Examining the 2002 challenge, City Sights! It became clear that teams that did even the minimal amount of work to meet the challenge for competition would also meet many of the federal and state educational standards.  Here is a list of some of the standards that teams might meet while pursuing a solution to City Sights! In constructing this list, we drew on the national compendium of standards created at the Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning group (McREL), a national educational research laboratory in Aurora, Colorado.

Download EducationalStandards.pdf