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How Do I Register A FIRST LEGO League Team for the 2016 Season?



FLL teams will now be registering in the new FIRST Team Registration System. Registration for the 2016 Animal Allies season opened on May 10, 2016. Registration is $225 per team and will remain open as long as there are materials available to support all teams.  Louisiana registration closes at the end of September OR when LEGO runs out of field sets, whichever is sooner. Remember to obtain a robot kit, which can be purchased at the time you register your FLL team.  You do not have to submit payment when you register, but products cannot be ordered until registration payment is processed. If you are applying for a hardship grant, do not pay for your registration, as it cannot be reimbursed after the fact.

As part of the FIRST Youth Protection Program (YPP),  FIRST LEGO League teams are required to have tworegistered coaches who will receive background checks.  When registering teams, please have your coaches identified, as you will be asked for their names and email addresses. The system will then email your coaches directly so that they may fill out the background check information.  If you are a returning coach, you must simply click the box that says “I agree to comply with requirements of all FIRST Youth Protection (YPP) Policies” in order to proceed with signing up your team. That box must be checked before you can pay for your team.  New team coaches (or returning coaches without a recent YPP completion) must complete the Youth Protection screening before you can proceed to registering and paying for your team.

With the new registration system, links to entering necessary information, making registration payments, and ordering LEGO products are all on the same page, which you access once you login to the FIRST Team Registration System. It is set up so that you must complete one step before proceeding to the next.  For example, you will not be able to order from LEGO until your team registration is paid AND coach background checks have been approved.


Purchase a Field Set (once your registration is paid and coaches are approved): This is a must, as the challenge theme changes every year. You may also want build a competition table (the 4’ x 8’ table and borders on which to place your competition mat and field), though many teams place the mat on the floor and use 2"x4"s as borders. 



Louisiana FLL Team Communications: After you register your FLL team, you will begin receiving periodic e-mail communications from the LA FLL director. Please make sure that you include an e-mail address that you regularly check when you register your team, as the communications from FLL headquarters and Louisiana FLL will be important resources for you as you progress through the tournament season, including directions for registering your team for a Louisiana Regional Qualifying Tournament.



Tournament Registration (Open October 1 – 15, 2016 for Louisiana Regional Qualifying Tournaments): Louisiana implemented a two tiered tournament structure in 2011. The Regional Qualifying Tournaments are the first level and will be on Nov. 5th, 12th and 19th, 2016.  We expect approximately 40% of the teams to advance to the Louisiana Regional Championship on Dec. 10th at Holy Cross High School in New Orleans. The registration fee for the qualifier is $30 and is payable to the qualifier host. The registration fee for the championship is $30 and is payable to FIRST Louisiana-Mississippi, Inc.